The Novarto Difference

New Computers

Whether you are in the market for a laptop, desktop or tablet we can supply you with a solution that will best suit your needs. 

Our personally tailored desktop models are hand constructed using only parts from respected manufacturers with your specific needs in mind. 

We are also happy to advise on software applications that will allow you to achieve your desired goals as well as provide an enjoyable experience.

Onsite Servicing

Our friendly and experienced technicians can provide diagnosis and resolution to most problems without the need of separating you from your prized possession. 

However there will always be the occasional fault that demands more precise investigation than can be provided in-house. 

On these occasions we will make every effort to make an urgent diagnosis and prognosis providing you with the information as to cost effectiveness of either repair or replace.


Technology can be difficult to understand especially if you are trying to learn something new. 

We at Novarto Technology understand that not everybody is born with a keyboard and computer and that people learn at different rates. 

Our approach is to allow you the time to assimilate what is being taught. 

Make learning fun again by letting us guide you every step of the way through whatever it is you are trying to master.

Data Backup

Prevention is always better than cure. Never lose a precious moment again. If you don’t have a copy of your information you are at risk. 

Let us provide you piece of mind by implementing a regular backup routine to keep your memories safe for years to come. 

In the event you have lost data we have a range of recovery techniques at our disposal.


Do you have more than one computer? Are you having trouble printing from multiple locations? 

Do you need your router configured or possibly require central data storage to allow access to your files by all computers at your office. 

Our technicians can setup and configure your hardware so that it works seamlessly as one.

Web Design and Hosting

Are you a business that wants to reach a global market or just a private person who wants a personal space on the web, but not sure where to start. 

Let us assist you from concept through to finished project with practical recommendations as to the most efficient means of getting your message across.

Internet Setup

If you need to get connected or are experiencing issues with your existing setup, we can help. 

With experience in a wide range of router equipment rest assured there is no problem we cannot overcome, keeping you connected to the digital world.

Virus Removal

If you own a computer you have probably encountered a virus or other type of infection, don’t worry, all is not lost.

We have a high success rate when dealing with these unwanted intruders restoring your computer to a clean state for use once again.

Wireless security advice

20-30% of wireless networks are not secured with any type of password and others can be easily bypassed.

Don’t let your wireless network be infiltrated by prying eyes, we ensure your safety by locking down any open connections and configuring passwords that safeguard you and your information.